New Direction Coaching and Consulting, LLC

New Direction ND LogoDiscovering your strengths, abilities, gifts, and limitations is a part of the growth process. You will develop a life balance that will be maintained throughout your lifetime after utilizing our services. Also, we provide a safe place where you can come and be you in the strictest of confidence.

Coaching Services

  • Available in-person and online, group coaching is also available

Coaching is a very personal interaction between the coach and client. The purpose is to develop a relationship of trust, honesty, and openness. Providing tools and guidance on your journey with a clear vision. Coaching helps you develop action steps, exercises to address areas where you are stuck, and the development of a plan to impact one’s life in a positive direction towards success.

Focus on life balance, understanding your life purpose and mission, developing healthy relationships, and effective communication.

The goal and outcomes of coaching are to have a clear direction for your life, get out of your own way and put yourself first, focus on what makes you happy, and have clarity in achieving goals. Focusing on the present and future.

  • Speaking
  • Facilitator of Love and Logic Curriculum
  • Workshops: Embracing the blessings in the storm, Learning Styles, Understanding your purpose
  • Consulting Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Develop for institutions and individuals